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Company History

2012 Established Shenzhen Hongxutong International Freight Forwarding Co. The main business: foreign trade export transportation of domestic factories. 2014 Established Matic Chain. Mainly engaged in: international trade business. 2017 Established Matic Express (Shenzhen) . Main business: integrated operation and management of industry, trade and goods. 2018 Established Matic Express (Changsha). The main business: domestic sales, Tmall, Jingdong and other domestic platform operations and sales. In 2020, Hunan Baishiyuan Technology Co. Main business: Amazon, Alibaba and other foreign trade platform training and operation technology to provide. 2020 Established Matic Media. Mainly engaged in: industrial and trade integration media propaganda operation, docking domestic and foreign live with goods / online / offline product sales, providing marketing thinking, marketing programs, marketing planning. 2020 Established Shenzhen Chengqi IOT Technology Co. Main business: sports information intelligent IT program design and project implementation, IoT IT thinking product preliminary research and development design.

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