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Amazon FBA shipping from Yiwu China to New York by sea shipping

Time : 2022-08-30 Hits : 9

Matic Express is one logistic transportation company which provides shipment services for Amazon FBA shipping, door to door delivery, port to port,including sea shipping,air shipping,express, China-EU truck and China- EU rail transport from China to worldwide.

In the process of maritime transportation in the recent period, the phenomenon of false declaration / concealment / misdeclaration of the goods name has frequently occurred. In order to curb these frequently concealed/missed lists of dangerous goods as soon as possible, major shipping companies such as ONE, Maersk, HMM, Pacific Shipping, and Yixing have notified and emphasized the behavior of false declaration, concealment and false declaration of goods. Fines are charged, especially for false and concealed reporting of dangerous goods, and corresponding fines are imposed respectively, up to a maximum of 30,000 US dollars. The charge applies to export goods from any port in mainland China to all destination ports. At the end of last month, the General Administration of Customs held a mobilization meeting for the deployment of the 100-day special campaign for the comprehensive management of dangerous goods at ports, emphasizing that it will resolutely curb false and concealed illegal acts.

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