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International logistic company --Matic Express Logistic

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We support cargo consolidation,repacking and labeling. If you have 3 or more suppliers,we are able to help you collect goods in warehouse, when we receive all goods. Matic Express help you to make the cargo inspection if you need to make it, labeling and repacking. We suggest one carton 3 labels, because during transportation, some labels may be damaged due to friction. 

If your label is damaged in shipment, Amazon will not be able to scan the goods, and the goods can not to be en-tried the warehouse. Returning and re-labeling is another cost, which not only requires additional cost, but also delays the time for the goods to be sold. This will undoubtedly cause huge losses to customers. And then,when we receive the goods,we will check the goods package and labels, we must ensure that the packaging is qualified and meets the carrier's transportation requirements.

To USA, Canada, Australia and other Amazon, we have sea, air and express shipping. But to Europe, like UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and so on, we have air, sea, express, railway and truck shipping.

Door to door, DDU, DDP, it totally depends on your choice.

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