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Matic Express has been engaged in international transportation for 15 year

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Import and export agent customs declaration and inspection

Matic Express has been engaged in international transportation for 15 years. It understands the

requirements of various ports for customs clearance documents, It is familiar with the procedures

 of major customs areas in China (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing,

Tianjin, Qingdao), etc., and can provide customers with professional services. Agency services such

 as customs declaration, customs clearance, and inspection of export goods, as well as various related

 customs procedures and customs clearance materials.

Service items:

    1. Agency customs declaration and inspection for import and export

    2. Territorial declaration and port release

    3. Consultation and handling of regulatory documents

    4. Quarantine and fumigation treatment

    5. Application for tax relief

    6. Pre-declaration for import of special items and release of goods upon arrival

    7. Agency L/C: Letter of Credit (letter of creadit )

    8. Agent CO, FA, FE and other certificates of origin, including Hong Kong certificate of origin

    9. Provide various inspection certificates such as CIQ commodity inspection, quality inspection,

fumigation, magnetic inspection, etc.

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