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Matic Express is service of Amazon FBA Freight,FCL or CLC shipping ,door to door dellivery.

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Matic Express is service of Amazon FBA Freight,FCL or CLC shipping ,door to door dellivery.

FBA Canada special line is a special line express channel launched by Matic Express according to
 market conditions. It provides special line logistics services for all kinds of general goods, charged
 magnetic, sensitive goods, small packages or oversized pieces sent to Canada, with fast timeliness
 and preferential prices. This channel is transported to Canada using abundant air freight resources
from the mainland and Hong Kong, and the goods arrive at the Canadian airport for customs clearance.
 Subsequently, UPS is responsible for delivery to the address designated by the customer. Tracking information
can be queried throughout this channel, which is a guaranteed option for customers to deliver goods to
 Canada. Delivery area: Covering addresses in all regions of Canada, FBA warehouses, overseas warehouses

Time limit for receipt: 11 days

Advantages of Canadian special line logistics channels

1: The first direct flight: There are abundant flight resources, and the mainland/Hong Kong air freight
 goes directly to Canada:

2: Shipping attributes: general goods, charged and magnetic, sensitive goods, small packages or small
 pieces or oversized (super long) pieces, etc.

3: Customs clearance guarantee: greatly improve the smoothness of customs clearance and reduce the
 risk of goods being delayed or destroyed:

4: Compensation guarantee: There are perfect compensation standards, no worries, the details are subject
 to the quotation table

5: Compensation time limit: The application must be submitted within 90 days after delivery, and it will
not be accepted after 90 days

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