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Sea shipping -- Air freight,Matic Express Company in China

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Matic Express offer customers shipping service by 15 years in China. We main make Amazon
FBA  door to door delivery, DDP/DDU.We provide international shipping service.

Notes for postage in Hong Kong:

1. The weight of Hong Kong small package does not exceed 2 kilograms, and if it exceeds 2 kilograms,
it can be sent by Hongkong Post or EMS;

2. The sum of length + width + height is less than 90 cm, the longest diameter is less than 60 cm and
 more than 12 cm;

3. Clear recipient address and country, some confusing countries must be specified. Such as: Austria
(Austria), Iceland (Iceland);

4. The address label shall be affixed to the central area of the largest side of the package in a suitable

5. It is forbidden to mail contraband, dangerous goods, national cultural relics, various currencies,
animals and plants, etc.;

Service of return goods

International mailing Hong Kong small package provides return service. If the package cannot be
delivered to the local post office, the package will be returned. The package will be returned to
Hong Kong first, and then returned to the service provider in China. The service provider will return
 it to the sender. There will be any fees, but it does not include the cost of importing from Hong Kong
 to the mainland.

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