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Shipping forwader in China --Amazon FBA Shipping

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Matic Express was established in 2007, the headquarter is located in Shenzhen China, Changsha Chaintech Supply Chian Management Co,.Ltd is a branch in Changsha China

It is about Internatinal express for UPS, FedEx According to EIA data, current jet fuel prices are slightly more than $3.14 per gallon. UPS adjusts its air and ground fuel surcharges weekly. International jet fuel taxes are added to 10 surcharges, called surcharg es, that UPS applies to its delivery services.

UPS and its main competitor FedEx both adjust their fuel taxes based on a range of prices set by the EIA,  and for every 4-cent increase in the EIA's jet fuel price, UPS adjusts its jet fuel surcharge by 25 basis points.

For example, if the EIA price is $3.11 per gallon but does not exceed $3.15 per gallon, a surcharge will
be applied. If the price is at least $3.15 per gallon but not more than $3.19 per gallon, a higher surcharge will be applied.

FedEx, which has a larger footprint than UPS in major airline commercial regions such as Asia Pacific, has not raised international airline fuel surcharges since April.

This move by UPS comes at a time when jet fuel prices have fallen sharply and diesel prices have seen  a similar decline. Diesel and jet fuel are both distillate products and there is a price correlation between  the two. Aviation fuel prices have been steadily declining since early July, according to EIA data. They spiked to more than $4.36 per gallon in late October before falling again.

For the two-month period beginning in late April, aviation fuel prices either exceeded $4 per gallon or
hovered at that level in most other cases.

DDP shipping from China to New York

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