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A Logistic Company in China, amazon FBA shipping, DDP ,CIF, FOB Terms

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Matic Express is an international freight company in Shenzhen China.We provide international shipping service. We deliver cargo from China to Amazon warehouse, oversea warehouse, door to door and DDP/DDU term shipping. Except that, we also provide for you on LCL,CLC shipping.

The customs declaration matters are as follows:

 1: Any product that is allowed to be imported or exported by the country can be represented as an
agent. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and mutual trust, our company wholeheartedly cooperates
with your factory (company).

2: The goods of your factory (company) will use the company's documents and information to declare
 and leave the country at various ports in Shenzhen and Guangzhou in the form of general trade. The
 manual and foreign exchange of your factory (company) are not required, and your factory (company)
only needs to provide Detailed shipping information is available. In this way, your factory can simplify
the export procedures, thereby saving costs, and our company can create more export volumes for
mutual benefit.

3: One day or more before the customs declaration of the goods, your factory will provide detailed
shipping information (including: shipping time, product name, brand, specification, quantity, net weight,
gross weight, country of consumption, port name, etc.) The company sends people to send samples for
commodity inspection, and the transportation can be handled by your factory (company) or by our 

company, and the freight will be handled by your factory (company).

4: In the process of customs clearance, if due to the reasons of our company's documents, or the failure

 to declare customs according to your factory's requirements or violate the regulations, our company 

will be responsible for all losses caused. If the product information provided by your factory does not

 match the export goods The resulting deduction fee should be the responsibility of your factory, and

 our company can assist in solving it.

5: The agency fee is determined according to the variety and quantity after consultation between the

two parties. Please call for consultation or interview for the specific situation.

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