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Time : 2022-08-16 Hits : 20

Recently, a China Cargo Airlines Boeing 777 took off from runway 16 of Shenzhen Bao'an Airport. This was the first China Cargo Airlines plane to fly to Los Angeles Airport, flight number 229.

China Cargo Airlines applied to use runway 16 to take off due to the weight problem. Since it was during the summer transportation guarantee period, the control tower team immediately coordinated with various departments such as the Zhuhai approach and airport command center, and did their best to ensure the normal operation of the flight.

Los Angeles International Airport, referred to as "LAX", is located in California, USA, only 19 kilometers away from the city center of Los Angeles. Its western takeoff and landing zone is close to the beach on the Pacific coast.

With the full cooperation of all units, the flight took only 11 minutes from launch to take off and departure, and Air Cargo 229 took off on time and on time.

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