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Amazon FBA --- E-Commerce logistic company in China

Time : 2022-12-19 Hits : 12

We are an international e-commerce logistic company in China, we make shipment service from China to other countries, deliver goods from China to USA ,Canada,Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany,Italy,United Arab Emirates,France,Spain,Belgium,Japan,Czech Republic, Poland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Austria, Estonia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Finland, Greece, Sweden ,Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Latvia, Ireland, Belgium Amazon Europe issued an announcement that Amazon Business Packaging Store provide sellers with a variety of packaging materials Sellers can use Amazon Business customer accounts to access Amazon Business Packaging Store, the following is announcement content. Amazon's new Amazon Business Packaging Store (Packaging Store) makes it easy for sellers to order packaging materials for your products in one place: boxes, envelopes, wrapping paper, film, tape, bags,and more. Sellers can access the Packaging Store using your Amazon Business customer account. If you don't already have an Amazon Business customer account, create a new one or convert your customer account to an Amazon Business customer account. Keywords :transportation by truck,fast shipping,shipping agent,ocean shipping,railway transport,matson shipping

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