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Amazon is introducing a stricter appointment-based delivery policy. How can sellers ensure timely warehouse entry?

Time : 2024-07-02 Hits : 5

In May of last year, Amazon introduced new regulations regarding PO (Purchase Order) numbers, which had a significant impact on the efficiency of end-of-line goods entering warehouses. Let's review the three main requirements emphasized in that policy:


Recently, there has been news that Amazon will implement new FBA policies starting from July 1st. These new policies mainly focus on "appointment PO accuracy," further standardizing FBA operational standards and improving overall logistics efficiency.


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The new regulations mainly include three independent defect rate calculation methods:

1. PO accuracy for truck deliveries;

2. Rescheduling appointments;

3. Missing appointments due to NCNS (No-Call, No-Show).

*PO Number: This refers to the "Shipment Tracking Number," which is the appointment number for truck deliveries into Amazon warehouses.

PO Accuracy: This refers to the comparison between the number of POs entered by the carrier during the appointment and the number of POs received by Amazon.

No-Call-No-Show (NCNS): This refers to failing to arrive for an appointment or arriving later than the scheduledtime.

As we all know, PO numbers are crucial as they determine whether goods can be smoothly received and shelved in the warehouse. Defect rates and accuracy are directly related to the appointment account.


It is understood that the calculation of appointment PO accuracy has restarted. If any of the three defect rates reach a certain threshold, Amazon will directly close the appointment delivery account and delete all future appointments.

To avoid subsequent impacts on deliveries, starting from July 1st:

Amazon's latest policy update not only raises higher demands on end service providers' resource allocation and control capabilities but also means that during peak seasons, Amazon has increased its shipping requirements for sellers. It is recommended:

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1. For goods that have not yet been shipped:sellers should confirm the accuracy and validity of their PO before placing an order.

2.For goods in transit:1. If there are issues with PO invalidation, make sure to apply for reactivation. If the goods cannot be reactivated, they will not be able to enter the warehouse and will temporarily remain in the Lianyu overseas warehouse. Sellers will need to create a new warehouse order before proceeding with subsequent tasks.

 2.Additionally, sellers need to check whether the Amazon warehouse corresponding to the PO matches the actual shipping Amazon warehouse. If the Amazon warehouse in the PO does not match the actual receiving warehouse, it is necessary to verify and accurately create a new warehouse order before proceeding with subsequent tasks.


In short, as Amazon Prime Day approaches, sellers should be especially diligent in logistics and shipping management. Ensure that before placing orders, the PO information for goods is accurate, error-free, and valid.

At the same time, ensure that all goods information matches the data in the Amazon system to ensure the goods arrive at Amazon FBA warehouses on schedule, thereby avoiding logistics delays and additional costs.


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