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international shipping company--Matic Express in China

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Our main business is air & sea shipping, express, railway or truck shipping with DDP,DDU,FCL or LCL
 terms. We deliver goods to Amazon warehouse,oversea warehouse , designated address and door to
 door service.

International postal international express mainly has the following channels:

1. China Post small package: charged by gram, suitable for goods below 2KG, the value of the goods
is not high, and the timeliness requirement is not high. 5-10 days to neighboring countries in Asia;
7-15 days to major European and American countries; 7-30 days to other regions and countries. China
Post parcels are divided into two types: registered mail and flat mail. Registered mail can be tracked,
 but surface mail cannot be tracked. The following is the latest published price of China Post parcel.
Our company basically offers a 22% discount on this price.

2. China Post International Large Parcel. Suitable for goods weighing 2-30KG. Charged by gram, the
price of China Post’s large package is 15% off the price announced by the post office. International
 large parcels are divided into air transport, land and water transport, and air and land transport.
Among them, air freight is the most expensive, and sea freight is the cheapest. Registration can be
 tracked throughout.

3. EMS international express: the main advantage is the price. If you want to send small goods, it is
recommended to choose EMS (Express Mail Service, postal express delivery, which was founded by
 the Universal Postal Union) because the price is the cheapest . In addition, if your goods cannot be
delivered abroad, EMS can help you ship them back for free. Other big companies have to charge
more for the shipping of goods from abroad, and there is no discount, and the price is very high.

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