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Time : 2022-09-05 Hits : 8

Maersk : Reinforcement of misdeclaration fees to $5,000 ! Customs notified again of many cases of dangerous goods concealed and hidden”

In recent months, accidents related to shipping have occurred frequently. There have been many fire accidents of containers stacked on container ships and ports. Many accidents are also accompanied by casualties or total loss of goods...

On July 6, Maersk issued the latest announcement that it will reinforce the collection of misdeclaration fees, and each misdeclaration of dangerous goods will be levied at $5,000. Maersk emphasized that it will reinforce the misdeclaration fee levied from August 20, 2019. Every incorrectly declared cargo can jeopardize the safety of crew, assets, the environment and other customer cargo.

Due to the number of false positives that have been discovered recently, Maersk would like to emphasize that all customers who falsely declare dangerous goods will be charged a fee of $5,000 per booking. Any additional charges for taking corrective action will be charged on top of this fee.

At the same time, Maersk will continue to work to reduce risk for all parties involved in cargo handling and transportation, as well as improve safety and reliability across the industry.

According to the news released by the customs, the customs in many places have recently seized many cases of concealed dangerous goods during the inspection of export goods, involving flammable gas dangerous goods, dangerous chemicals, lithium batteries and so on.

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