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It is condition for port of Los Angeles

Time : 2022-09-01 Hits : 8

The Port of Los Angeles handled 935,345 TEU containers last month, the highest import volume on record for the port on July.It increased by 5% year-on-year on total throughput of imports, exports and empty containers. Imports totaled 485,472TEU, up 3% year by year and 9% compared to June.

Imports will start to slow. “I expect this to be reflected in our freight volume data for August. Chinese factory orders are slowing and some retailers are continuing to build up their inventories. Will start to see a drawdown on some imports, especially those that don’t purchases goods again on every year : such as appliances, fixtures, furniture, sporting cargos.”


But I'm still bullish on our strong performance in the second half of the year. Incoming shipments will be different from existing stocks in next months, it has more seasonal items and all-important items on year-end holiday. 

It continued to improve at the Port of Los Angeles. “While there are still challenges on the rail front, our container terminals are in good shape. The containers shipped by truck, it is the waiting time of more than nine days that has been reduced to about 2,000, compared to more than 32,000 in October last year. The dwell time of containers shipped by truck It's now 4 days, closer to a more traditional time, and down significantly from the 11-day high."

The problem is more serious on rail shipping , he said: "Inland rail terminals look like last year's ports, with piles of cargo, people not picking up goods fast enough, and importers allowing containers to stay longer than usual. So, It would be difficult for us to load the cargo on the next train and get it out of the Port of Los Angeles.

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