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Let us to explain Amazon Pan-European Program.

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Sellers who participate in the Pan-European plan,they place their products in the FBA warehouse in

 five European points, publishing products that is suitable for the requirements in the five points listing,
 when the order is generated, Amazon FBA will arrange for pick up, packing, delivering and customer
service.the seller needs to pay the appropriate product storage fees, platform service fees and delivery

Conditions of participation in Pan-European

1、Sellers goods is in line with Pan-European.

2. all five sites have active offers .

3. have FBA inventory in at least one country.

1、Sellers can save a cross-border cost. After using the pan-European program, no matter where the
 product is shipped from, they only have to pay for logistics costs in local Amazon incurred in the
market where the product is sold, and do not have to bear the European Logistics Network cross-border

2、You can place the products in the FBA warehouse of one country and centralize the delivery when
 using pan-European plan.It reduces the tediousness of multi-country delivery.

3, As for European countries have different requirements for VAT tax number, if the product happens
 to be placed in only one country, it can reduce the problems in terms of VAT tax number. But it is no
 guarantee that Amazon will necessarily be placed in only one warehouse.Now we say that the risk of
 vat is so generated.

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