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There are 4 modes of cross-border e-commerce logistics !!!

Time : 2022-09-19 Hits : 22

There are 4 modes of cross-border e-commerce logistics !!!

1. Mode of traditional private line

The traditional dedicated line mode is also called the centralized transportation mode,
which is generally a large-scale centralized transportation from domestic to foreign warehouses.
 There are many platforms for cross-border e-commerce: Amazon, Walmart, AliExpress, eBay, etc.
 Here we take Amazon as an example. It will be transported to the destination country by sea, air,
 rail, etc., and then dispatched to the designated FBA warehouse or overseas warehouse.

2. Mode of International express delivery 

The characteristics of international express are fast, but the price is relatively high, generally
a small amount of goods will be sent. Although it has excellent service and timeliness experience,
it is not often used by cross-border e-commerce because of its high transportation price.

3. Mode of International Small Parcel 

This mode is also called postal parcel. The delivery conditions are relatively low, and one or two
 kilograms can also be shipped. The delivery range is wide, and the shipping fee is very close to
 the people. It can cover more than 200 countries and regions around the world, but because of
 its relatively slow timeliness, as cross-border e-commerce has higher requirements for timeliness,
 it is slowly unable to keep up. And more people choose the international small package shipping

4.Mode of Overseas warehouse

The overseas warehouse model is suitable for cross-border e-commerce companies with a certain
volume and long-term stable sales performance. A certain amount of goods are produced domestically
 and sent to overseas warehouses in the destination country. In the case of an order, the overseas
warehouse will complete the order out of the warehouse and deliver the last stage of logistics.
Compared with the logistics model of local sellers, this method has great competition for expanding
the overseas cross-border e-commerce market.

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