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What are the requirements for air cargo?

Time : 2022-10-07 Hits : 6

What are the requirements for air cargo?

Air freight packaging should ensure that the goods will not be damaged, leaked, damaged or polluted
 aircraft equipment and other items during transportation. The consignor should use appropriate
 packaging materials and forms, such as cartons, wooden boxes, etc. Package. Precise, fragile,
shock-resistant, pressure-resistant, and non-reversible goods must be packaged with suitable
 packaging measures to prevent damage to the goods. All goods with national transportation
guarantee standards should be packaged according to national standards. It is strictly forbidden
to use straw bag packaging or straw rope binding. Items that are prohibited or restricted for
transportation, dangerous goods, valuables, cash, securities, confidential documents and information
 are not allowed to be carried in the package of goods.

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