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Logistics special line

Mainly for the European and American markets,
other countries and regions can also provide services,
sea, land, air, express can be.

FBA Shipping, Freight Shipping, Freight Forwarding

With our hands-off FCL Shipping and LCL Shipment Service, you can easily ship your products to FBA warehouse or anywhere worldwide
doc78xfisnoxe01o6rjnzs_副本Courier&Air service
Use UPS courier, DHL courier, Fedex courier and TNT courier service and air freight to ship your products to FBA warehouse worldwide.

Option 1:FBA Shipping+Truck
Lowest Cost
Large Volume
Strong Transportation Capacity
Fixed Shipping Schedule

Option 2:MATSON/ZIM Speeder+Express
Goods shipping required
short leadtime but shipping cost lower
than air transportation

Option 3:FBA Air Freight+Express
Fastest mode of transportation

We provide Door 2 Door Transportation from China to worldwide,
For different products and requirements of different customers,
we offer multiple solutions and carry out the best distribution plan.

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