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Logistic shipping Article from Matic Express Company

August 22,2022

Many Amazon novice sellers find it difficult to choose logistics and delivery. They want both price concessions and fast timeliness, and it is often impossible to have both. Choosing MATIC EXPRESS can help you solve all your problems. You only need to provide cargo information, delivery channels, and send to the country, and you can design the most cost-effective andfastest logistics and transportationsolutions for customers.

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Professional e-commerce logistics and transportation company

MATIC EXPRESS is aprofessional e-commerce logisticsandtransportation company  located in Shenzhen, China. After years of development, the company has established a great channel advantage in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and European countries. There are special transportation lines for general and sensitive goods (food, magnetic products, and granular products), which can ensure the normal transportation of goods.

Shipping methods

MATIC EXPRESS provides a variety of shipping methods such as sea, air, rail, truck and express. Customers can choose more transportation plans, and require different transportation time to choose different transportation methods. After the goods arrive at the destination, customers can provide self-pickup and tail-haul delivery services according to their requirements. The tail-haul delivery includesexpress deliveryandtruck delivery. Generally, different delivery methods are arranged according to the size and volume of the customer's goods, and they are delivered to the customer's designated location.

Amazon's overseas warehouses

For Amazon sellers, many products need to be shipped to Amazon's overseas warehouses, and MATIC EXPRESS can provide specialized FBA shipping  and inspection services. The company takes advantage of its ownlogistics channelsto help Amazon sellers transport goods from China to Amazon warehouses in the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, and European countries. We promise to safely transport the goods to the designated Amazon warehouse, and assist in handling customs clearance and tax issues to reduce returns caused bycustoms clearanceissues.

The first-way transportation of Amazon FBA mainly includes two steps, a. the goods arrive at the domestic warehouse, b. the domestic service provider transports the goods to the designated Amazon warehouse
At the same time, we provide customers with the following inspection services:
1. It can check the packaging size and weight of the goods for customers, and attach an overweight label to the overweight ones.
2. Carry out palletizing according to the standard.
3. Check the products that are strictly prohibited from entering the warehouse to avoid invalid transportation.
4. Check the warehousing qualification of FBA products.
5. Match and refine product information
6. Standardize shipments.

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After checking that the goods meet the Amazon warehousing standards, we provide printing Amazon labels, labeling, sorting and warehousing services. Sending to Amazon US can be done by express, air-delivery line,sea shipping line  and sea card line, and the time limit is 5-50 days. Sending to Amazon Japan Station can choose express, air-delivery line and Shanghai-line special line, and the time limit is 5-20 days. When sending to Amazon UK station, you can choose express, air-delivery line, sea delivery line, and sea card line, and the time limit is 8-50 days. When sending to Amazon Europe Station, you can chooseexpress, air-delivery line,China-Europe railway line, truck line, sea card line and sea delivery line, and the time limit is 8-55 days.

Now more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are engaged in Amazon in China, and the logistics requirements for Amazon are also getting higher and higher. In order to better meet the requirements of Amazon sellers, MATIC EXPRESS spends a lot of material, human and financial resources to expand and integrate high-quality products. Stable Amazon channels, while optimizing the company's operational processes, ensure that customers' goods are worry-free throughout the process.

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