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Matic Express provides a shipping service for Amazon sellers and suppliers

August 22,2022

Logistics transportation

Logistics transportation is a form of commodity circulation from the business mode of commodity circulation. In today's world, trade is globalized, and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises have joined the ranks of cross-border e-commerce (Made in China, Alibaba, Amazon, Shopee, Wish). Chinese goods are transported from China to foreign countries by sea shipping, air shipping , Railway Express and express, It has greatly promoted the development of the cross-border logistics and transportation industry.

MATIC EXPRESS has witnessed the development of the logistics industry, and has become a benchmark in the logistics and transportation industry in the new era through updates and iterations. Over the years, MATIC EXPREE has helped customers transport various types of goods from China to America by DDP shipping,, such as porcelain, tea, clothing, wigs, etc., to the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc. by air, sea, China-Europe railway transportation, truck transportation and express delivery nation.

In the process of transporting general cargo, MATIC EXPRESS has also developed a unique solution for transporting food, helping customers transport various types of food, and saving customers a lot of trouble in customs clearance and delivery. Whether goods is sent to the United States or European countries, the transport time of sea and air shipments  can arrive on time.

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International logistics line

In addition to the food transportation line, there is also an international logistics line for pure batteries, which transports all kinds of pure batteries for export, and can be connected to various mobile power sources, mobile phone batteries, and other small and medium-sized lithium batteries. Provide DDP/DDU door-to-door service, stable transportation channels, fast timeliness, preferential prices, and repackaging. Can be sent from China to designated countries by air line, sea line and China-Europe

In recent years, Matic Express has also expanded the dedicated transportation line for LED displays that are not shock-resistant, drop-resistant and bulky. The advantage of LED display exporting abroad is high cost performance, high freight price will increase product cost and reduce market competitiveness. We provide customers with safe, fast transportation and high-quality services throughout the entire process with reasonable transportation prices, and have won the trust of customers.

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MATIC EXPRESS has many years of channel advantages in transportation to European and American countries, and can provide customers with cost-effective solutions in terms of transportation time and price to meet customers' transportation needs. We can not only provide customers with DDP/DDU services, but also provide port-to-port, airport-to-airport services to maximize the convenience for customers. As a professional logistics service company, MATIC EXPRESS can not only provide some transportation services for customers, but also provide very powerful warehousing services. The company has a new intelligent warehouse integrating warehousing, loading and unloading, container transportation, cargo transportation and distribution. The warehouse stores various types of products such as household, daily necessities, and electronic components. One-stop service to help each customer maximize shipping cost savings.

The staff of the warehouse arrange the goods according to the transportation channel, product type, and country category. We strictly follow the deadline specified by the customer for delivery. In the case of short storage time, warehousing services are provided free of charge. It can also help customers with inspection, labeling, repackaging and other services before shipment. From simple external carton inspection to detailed piece-by-piece inspection, our inspection services will meet your every need. According to Amazon's warehousing

requirements, paste the corresponding barcode. According to your needs, transport products by air, sea, express, railway or truck to designated Amazon warehouses, and manage the entire transportation process, including customs clearance and tax payment. For novice sellers, our professional services can help your goods be more foolproof during transportation and entering Amazon's overseas warehouses.

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