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The US Amazon FBA (full name Fulfillment by Amazom) head-way service is generally said to be Amazon's overseas FBA warehouse logistics and delivery of freight.

October 21,2022

It is a dropshipping service brought by Amazon in the United States.

For domestic Amazon merchants, it is the entire process of the first stage of transportation and logistics from domestic to Amazon warehouses. So how to solve the logistics problem of Amazon logistics in the United States? Generally, this service must be provided by means of a freight forwarder. There are many freight forwarding companies in China, how to choose the most suitable freight forwarding company? Matic Express Company has been focusing on cross-border e-commerce logistics and transportation for 15 years, and has accumulated an excellent reputation at home and abroad. It brings the following methods to your FBA logistics and freight:

Sea shipping and DHL uses Mason ships to transport the goods to the port.

We carry out import and export customs declaration, customs clearance, tax purchase, and distribute the local courier giants UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, etc. to the Amazon warehouse, and the whole container is put into the warehouse. The advantages of Sea shipping and DHL are safety, tax package, stability, and excellent price. Our company's overseas warehousing can provide intimate services such as changing the detailed address, changing the label, and free warehousing management. Railway transport and UPS send the goods to each overseas Amazon warehouse location through railway logistics. After arriving at the destination, the local freight logistics or express logistics company will deliver the goods to the FBA warehouse. Freight can be transported to most countries in the European Union, double-clearing tax, local UPS delivery, affordable price and stable timeliness!

Air freight and FedEx is dispatched from an airport in my country to a specific airport in the destination country, and then assigns staff to do import customs clearance operations.

The items that have been cleared for import are dispatched to the Amazon warehouse by local express delivery. The price is relatively cheap and also with appropriate timeliness. Because it is international air transportation, the goods cannot violate the regulations of aviation and import and export trade. In the case of a large shipment, the transportation cost can be better controlled, and it is suitable for the case where the product is sold well and the volume is relatively large.