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What is the difference between US FBA sea shipping and sea shipping + DHL delivery ?

September 29,2022

1.US FBA sea shipping:

FBA shipping  in the United States means shipping to the U.S. warehouse, and the last journey includes sea shipping + truck delivery and sea shipping + ups
Simply put, it is the same mode of transportation, but the name is different. In FBA first-way transportation, sea freight + express delivery is called sea shipping +DHL/UPS delivery, which refers to the same FBA first-way logistics channel.

2.FBA sea shipping +UPS/DHL delivery

FBA sea shipping +UPS/DHL delivery is a logistics channel that uses sea freight  to complete the front-end part of the transportation. After the container is sorted at the port, UPS and other couriers complete the logistics channel of the tail-end part. Different shipping companies, such as Matson ships, ZIM ships, EMC ships in Yantian and other shipping companies.
The one that uses Matson Clipper is called Matson Clipper in sea shipping +UPS/FedEx/DHL delivery, or Matson UPS/FedEx/DHL delivery for short. The aging time is very fast. The goods can be picked up within 8-10 working days after the ship sails, and delivered to the warehouse by UPS. The ZIM timeliness is equivalent to that of Matson timeliness about sea shipping+UPS, dispatched from Yantian Port Shenzhen China, can be picked up within 9-11 working days.

The EMC tax-included sea shipping +truck delivery adopts the Evergreen EMC fixed-delivery fast ship. The time limit is 13-15 working days after the ship is dispatched, and the cost performance is very high.