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What is the operation process of FBA ocean bulk cargo LCL in the United States?

September 29,2022

The operation process of FBA ocean bulk cargo LCL in the US:

1. The seller makes a good delivery plan in the Amazon background and confirms the warehouse number;
2.FBA  labels and shipping marks are attached to each box of goods (each freight company has its own mark, which is convenient for distribution in the United States);
3. Delivered to the freight company, with packing list, commercial invoice, and customs declaration form attached to the goods (if there is no customs declaration form, pay for the customs declaration, generally RMB350 per ticket, and the freight company does not charge customs declaration fee for more than 5 cubic meters);
4. Shipment, customs declaration, export and shipment (15 days in the west of the United States and 28 days in the east of the United States);
5. Complete customs clearance and pay customs duties (paid by the freight company) after arriving at the port;
6. Drag the container to the warehouse of the freight company (the US West warehouse is in Los Angeles, and the US China warehouse is in Kansas), dismantling the container and distributing the goods;
7. Pallet according to Amazon's requirements, and then hand over the pallet to the truck company;
8. The truck company makes an appointment with Amazon and delivers it;
9. Return to POD after delivery and complete;
10. The whole process can be tracked, the shipping container number can be tracked, and the delivery order number can be tracked for truck delivery.
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