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What should be paid attention to in the first journey of FBA logistics?

September 29,2022

First journey of FBA logistics:

What should be paid attention to in the first journey of FBA logistics? Many sellers will encounter various problems when choosing FBA first-way delivery.For example,they do not know whether to ship by sea or air on type of goods, size and volume .
1: When choosing the FBA first-way service transportation method, sellers need to consider both timeliness and their own capital turnover to reduce costs.
2: In addition to the choice of delivery method, the seller should also consider the weight of the goods when selecting products. If the goods are large in size, they should consider combining the delivery method with the competing goods to avoid excessive bulk. and additional shipping costs.
3: It is recommended to try a variety of transportation methods at the same time, try to ensure that your products are not in stock, and can continue to bring income and profits to yourself, while reducing transportation costs.