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What should be paid attention to when FBA shipping in the United States?

September 29,2022

FBA shipping in the United States:

FBA shipping in the United States is divided into FCL and LCL. Today, I want to introduce FBA in the United States. Generally, what do we need when loading containers by sea?
1: What is the US FBA shipping FCL?
FCL in the United States refers to three types of standard containers with a single shipment volume of 20-foot small container (20GP), 40-foot large container (40GP), and 40-foot high container (40HQ). The process of sending to American warehouses after customs clearance in Los Angeles, New York and other ports.
1. After the goods are ready, contact the freight forwarding company in advance for chartering and booking, and inform the freight forwarding company about the packing information when booking the space.
2. After the booking is completed, the customs declaration can be arranged. After the SO comes out, the exporter should contact the workshop to confirm the loading of the goods, and then contact the freight forwarder to load the goods within the specified time. Exporters need to determine whether the freight forwarding company they are looking for provides customs declaration and container dragging services. If no related services are provided, then you need to find another freight forwarding service for customs declaration and trailers. When looking for a freight forwarding company, be sure to make sure that the company is reliable.

Pay attention to the following points when installing the whole cabinet

1: When packing, the container number and seal number of the goods must be remembered, and the packing personnel must not damage the packaging during the loading process. If the cargo is loaded too tightly, it cannot be unloaded, if the loading is too loose, it is easy to collapse, and if there are too many pieces, it will take a long time to unload the cargo and refuse to accept or hold the container. During the loading process, there should be loose space on the top, bottom, left and right sides of the entire cabinet, especially the two rows of closed doors, and the upper part must be left empty. Amazon warehouses and most overseas warehouses generally require that the upper part of the stowage of goods entering the door should be a trapezoid (ramp), and at least 8 inch slope to facilitate the on-site unloading workers to avoid the door beam to carry out the operation.
2: There may be deviations in the volume of the goods and the weighing information. Because after returning to the cabinet, the relevant information needs to be updated in time.
3: When loading the cabinet, carefully check the information on the cabinet receipt. At the same time, pay attention to the driver's identity information and the cabinet, whether the cabinet number on the data is consistent.
4: When making customs declaration, we must prepare relevant information in advance. Note that we should reserve some time to come out, so as to avoid the occurrence of unexpected situations. In the process of exporting the whole cabinet, the customs declaration must provide the cabinet number and seal number. In order to leave enough time to go to the customs declaration, be sure to arrange the loading a few days in advance.
5: After getting the bill of lading, check it immediately, and correct it in time if any problem is found. Also, send a copy to the customer for confirmation.