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Matic Express is an shipping forwarder in China.

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 Matic Express is an shipping forwarder in China. We makes shipment service for Amazon FBA, DDP/DDU shipping, FCL/LCL by air freight, ocean shipping, express and China-EU railway express.

To the port of Felixstowe, UK, FCL shipping of sea bulk containers

 1: We have signed agency agreements with major shipping companies. We are committed to saving

customers logistics costs and improving their comprehensive competitiveness. There are special prices
 for bulk cargo transportation to Felixstowe port in the United Kingdom. We can provide 0 freight at
the departure port and freight collect service. , make marks for customers and make fumigation certificate

2:Provide agency customs declaration, customs clearance services, make certificates of origin for
customers, and comprehensive logistics solutions;

3:According to the customer's requirements, we can provide different levels of quotations for
customers at the destination port. We ship once a week, and the sailing time varies from 10 to
37 days. After the goods arrive at the port, there is a special destination port agent responsible
 for providing customs clearance and delivery services for customers.

4:Make reservations in advance to ensure that you enter the warehouse before the cut-off, and the
 customs clearance ability is super strong. For special goods, customs clearance can be done to ensure
 that the commodity inspection is passed.

5:After the warehouse is delivered, confirm the details of the bill of lading with the customer, issue
the original bill of lading, or send the bill of lading by telegram;

6:After the goods arrive at the port, the destination port agent can assist the customer to complete
the customs clearance and delivery of the goods.Intimate, rest assured, peace of mind is our service

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