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Matic Express is a first-class freight forwarding company in China.

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Matic Express is a first-class freight forwarding company in China. We provide professional
transportation services for air freight, sea freight, FCL, LCL, warehouse, and can meet the needs of

 international ports, air freight airports, and export documents from Shenzhen, Shanghai, Qingdao,
 Tianjin, Ningbo, Xiamen, China to any country in the world. Demand for derivative services.

CO certificate of origin: confirm the information in the morning and issue the order in the afternoon;

Paying for customs declaration: For customers who do not have a customs declaration form, we can
provide you with a billing service to ensure the accuracy of customs declaration, and avoid problems
 such as refunds and delays in order cut-off time due to inconsistency in the names and quantities of
 customs declarations;

Customs clearance service: We have a good cooperative relationship with the customs, the goods can
be entered into the warehouse according to the actual name of the goods, and the goods can be
cleared smoothly!

We can offer you the following additional services:

1. Collect samples from different suppliers for customers and send them to foreign customers by
express UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS/FedEx, we will provide competitive freight rates;

2. Send the goods in the name of Henderson Express to protect the commercial secrets of customers,
 as well as the address, telephone and company name information of foreign customers;

3. Provide you with customs clearance services at the place of origin and some destinations, and inspection
services after the goods arrive at the distribution center;

4. When the packaging is poor, strengthen the packaging for customers and make small package

5. Agents are located in cities and airports in various countries around the world, and cooperate with
famous shipping companies to provide customers with preferential rates, such as MSK, MSC, COSCO,

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