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Matic Express Logistic was established in 2007

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Matic Express Logistic was established in 2007, the headquarter is located in Shenzhen China.

 Our business is international freight service for air & sea shipping, express, railway or truck
shipping with Amazon FBA,DDP,DDU,Door to Door delivery,FCL or LCL.

Customs Declaration | Commodity Inspection and Clearance Service


Matic Express has set up its own customs broker to process documents for customers, write off tax
refunds for customs declaration, pay for commodity inspection, purchase cargo transportation
insurance, provide certificates of origin, and systematize and simplify the procedures. It brings
convenience and benefits to customers.


If the customer does not have the verification form, we can purchase the verification form for the
 customer and prepare the relevant documents for customs declaration for the customer.


Provide the certificate of origin CO, commodity inspection and customs clearance service, fumigation
 certificate, and customs declaration trailer service for customs clearance of customers at the port of

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