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It deliver goods from Shenzhen China to Japan

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It deliver goods from Shenzhen China to Japan

1. Transportation: We can provide the service of transporting the goods from the local area to the
 destination port, which is the most basic service of the small load products;

2, distribution: can provide the city door-to-door pickup, direct door-to-door delivery and delivery
 to the customer designated network service;

3, loading, unloading and handling: We can provide cargo loading, unloading and handling services;

4, information notice: can provide the arrival of SMS notice, telephone notice, collection of payment
for goods notice service;

5. Warehousing: provide customers with warehouse and inventory management services;

6, packaging: to provide customers with packing services:Services available: one-stop service from China and Japan,

7. Freight settlement method is optional: customers can choose the consignor payment, consignee
payment, third party payment, monthly payment and other freight settlement methods, in which the
third party payment and monthly payment service is only open to contracted customers;

8. Insured transportation refers to a special mode of transportation jointly determined by the transportation
enterprise and the shipper on the basis that the shipper declares the value of the goods and pays a certain
fee according to the provisions of the carrier; (The insured transport rate is 0.2% for intra-network and 0.3%
for inter-network)

9, Notice receipt: after the arrival of the goods, the first do not inform the customer, to receive the
shipper's fax, can inform the receiving customer to pick up the goods service. The service charges
$20 per ticket.

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