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It is about a special line from China to Korea on sea freight

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Special line from China to Korea

1. China to South Korea by air transport services can undertake all goods beyond the air transport restrictions of goods (including built-in batteries, supporting batteries, pure batteries, etc.), can provide door-to-door pick-up, double clear, tariff prepaid, the whole region package delivery, time guarantee, Seoul the next day.

2. It is an economic special line from China to South Korea, we can provide door-to-door pick up, double clear, contract delivery services, price concessions, time fast, safe direct. Undertake large pieces, overweight pieces, wooden packing without additional charges! Domestic many places have received warehouse!

3. It is from China to Korea about LCL & LCL, the ports of the country to receive goods, consignor warehousing, consignee pick up the goods.

4. FCL  from China to South Korea can act as an agent for customs declaration and export, trailer and towing, with favorable price and stable time. We offer standard express service, designated day express service, ocean shipping service, special car delivery, freight collect service, air and ocean door to door service. You can choose according to your needs.

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