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Let me introduce you about air freight.

Time : 2022-10-13 Hits : 7

Matic Express is an international freight company in Shenzhen China.We provide international shipping
 service. We deliver cargo from China to Amazon warehouse, oversea warehouse, door to door and DDP
/DDU term shipping. Except that, we also provide for you on LCL,CLC shipping.

Let me introduce you about air freight.

Whether it's an international freight, general cargo or special cargo in China, we provide you a wide
 range of services including airport to airport, door to door. You can deliver your cargo to our warehouses,
 or you ask us to pick up from your suppliers to our warehouse,Our warehouse is located in Shenzhen,
Yiwu,Ningbo,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Quanzhou,Zhongshan etc.

Without previous experience, it is difficult to predict what can happen during transport ,how to deal
with some problems for you about problems ? That is the reason to choose us. We have many years
of experience and the amount of shipments, which we count in international shipping with tens of
thousands each year, we have amassed a lot of know-how to give you service. Within our internal
system, we register all important information that helps our specialists to function as one experienced
unit. Our customer center can immediately solve the vast majority of your requirements or transport

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