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America Line of sea shipping

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America Line of sea shipping:

Wednesday's class from Shenzhen to Los Angeles (USA), Long Beach (USA), closes on Mondays, and
sails on Sundays. Cut off on Saturday and sail on Wednesday next week, 10-day direct delivery to LOS
 ANGELES port via Matson ship.

For every Tuesday ship, we directly LCL from Shenzhen to New York (USA), close on Monday, open on
 Sunday, cut off on Thursday, and sail on Thursday next week, and it will take 25 days to arrive at the
port by MAERSK ship to New York;

Every Tuesday, the ship from Shenzhen to Chicago, USA, cut off on Monday, sails on Sunday, closes on
Thursday and sails on next Thursday, through HANJIN Shipping Company 20-day direct sailing to the

Every Monday, the ship goes from Shenzhen to Miami, USA, cut off on Tuesday, opens on Sunday, and
takes about 30 days to deliver to the port by MAERSK ship. 

We have our own dedicated warehouses in Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago, complete software
and hardware settings and logistics warehousing. The destination port charges are transparent, and
 we provide door-to-door customs clearance services such as DDU/DDP.

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