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Process of US Air Freight Line

Time : 2022-10-19 Hits : 8

Process of US Air Freight Line 

Refers to after the goods are put into the warehouse, container loading → document processing and
 export customs clearance → import customs clearance and unpacking → delivery and receipt, including
 customs declaration and inspection, warehousing and distribution, cargo insurance, document processing
 and other logistics services, domestic and overseas double customs clearance, Package export, package
 destination country import package, package tax one-stop service.

Our company adopts the air-plus-delivery line mode, which is transported by air from China, and

delivered by UPS after customs clearance in the United States, and then enters the Amazon warehouse.

Service features: 

Provide unique value-added operation services, reduce customs clearance problems
 and the resulting returns, and avoid high logistics costs for direct return to China.

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