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We are an international shipping forwarder in Shenzhen China

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We are an international shipping  forwarder in Shenzhen China, we provide you logistic service

of sea shipping, air freight, express, railway transportation,trucking express. We deliver cargo to customers on Amazon FBA shipping, DDP &DDU of door to door,ports to ports of FCL,CLC. 

FBA Japan special line 

FBA Japan special line is a special line express channel launched by us in according to market conditions. It is a stable and cost-effective service for sending to all parts of Japan. It can accept all kinds of general goods, electrified and magnetic, sensitive goods, small packages or small packages. Japan special line logistics service for oversized (super long) pieces. This service utilizes the abundant flight resources of the mainland and Hong Kong to deliver the service by air to Japan. Combined with the advantages of Japan's customs clearance resources, a complete delivery network has been established. The final delivery is completed by Sagawa Express in Japan, and the back-end delivery is fast.

Advantage of Japan special line

1: The first flight is direct and the flight is stable

2: All products go through the filing and review process, and the line safety is guaranteed

3: High-quality customs clearance resources and stable customs clearance

Back-end delivery service provider, Sagawa Express, Japan

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