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UPS surcharge standard

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UPS surcharge standard

1. The surcharge for changing the address: Hong Kong UPS is HKD 77 per piece, with a maximum
 charge of HKD 273 per ticket; Mainland UPS is RMB 68 per piece, with a maximum charge of RMB
 280 per ticket.

Additional service fee: Hong Kong UPS is HKD 40 per piece, and mainland UPS is RMB 40 per piece.
 When the customer consigns any of the following packages, UPS will add this surcharge to the customer
 for each package:

1) Any item packaged in a metal or wooden shipping container.

2) Any cylindrical objects that are not completely wrapped in corrugated paper, such as drums, drums,
pails or tires.

3) Any package whose longest side exceeds 152 cm or whose second longest side exceeds 76 cm.

4) The actual weight of any single piece of goods exceeds 32 kg.

If the above 4 restrictions meet more than one, only one additional RMB40 will be charged;

Surcharge for exceeding the maximum limit: Hong Kong UPS is HKD 388 per piece, Mainland UPS is
RMB 378 per piece (this charge standard remains unchanged, but the original length is changed from
 330 cm to 419 cm), UPS weight and size The restrictions are as follows:

1) The longest side (length) of any package exceeds 270 cm;

2) The sum of the measurements of any package (ie: (width + height) * 2 + length) exceeds 419 cm;

3) The actual weight of any package is 70kg.

Special Note:

1. UPS does not carry packages that exceed the above three conditions. Once found by UPS operators,
 they will be rejected. If such shipments are arranged for export due to omissions, UPS will complete 

the delivery service and automatically send the package to the Customers are charged this surcharge.

2. If the consigned package exceeds the length and weight limits at the same time (for example, it meets
the above points 1 and 3), UPS will only charge a surcharge of 388 yuan for the package once, and will 

not recalculate this fee.

 Surcharge for large parcels: 

Hong Kong UPS is HKD 388 per piece, Mainland UPS is RMB 378 per piece (this charge standard is a
new addition):

When the sum of the package length plus girth [(2x width) + (2x height)] exceeds 330 cm, but does
 not exceed UPS's maximum length limit of 419 cm, UPS will consider this package as a large package .
 The minimum payment weight for large parcels is 40kg. This update is primarily intended to cater to
customers shipping large packages. When UPS charges customers a large package surcharge, it does
not also charge an additional handling fee.

Special Note: If your package exceeds any of the limits of the third point of the over-limit surcharge
 and the fourth point of the large package surcharge, the two service fees will be charged at the same
 time. That is, two pieces of 388 yuan (or 378 yuan) will be charged for each piece, or if your package
 exceeds the third limit of overweight and overlength and meets the surcharge handling fee, the two
service fees will also be charged at the same time. Charge 388 yuan (or 378 yuan) and 40 yuan per

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