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What is the maximum size and weight of the shipment sent?

Time : 2022-09-28 Hits : 8

According to the regulations of each courier company, the general requirements are as follows

1: There are special requirements, such as Nigeria single ticket cannot exceed 50KG, Syria single ticket
 cannot exceed 15KG, Algeria single ticket cannot exceed 40KG, Tunisia single ticket cannot exceed
30KG single ticket cannot exceed 40KG, Angola and other African countries cannot exceed 50KG single
 Tickets cannot exceed 250KG, please confirm with the business consultation for details.

2: UPS is: the longest side cannot exceed 200CM, the weight of a single piece cannot exceed 68KG,
and 1 length+2*width+2*height cannot exceed 419CM; if the following conditions are exceeded,
 there will be surcharges, the single piece exceeds 32KG, and the longest side If it exceeds 152CM
or the second side exceeds 76CM, please consult our sales staff for details.

3: TNT is: There is no clear regulation. For details, please consult TNT's customer service hotline:
800 820 9868 or 400 820 9868 (for mobile phone users).

4: FEDEX is: a single piece cannot exceed 68KG,  carton size is exceeding 330CM will be charged
 at least as a single piece of 68KG, please confirm with our sales staff if the above dimensions are

5: EMS is: South America and Africa are generally limited to 20KG, other places are limited to 30KG
per piece, and the size limit generally does not exceed 120CM. 

For specific requirements, please consult our sales staff.

Air freight: Generally, the longest side length is limited to 300CM, and the maximum weight of a single
 piece is required. Please consult our sales staff for specific requirements.

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