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international forwarder in China --- Port to ports shipping , DDP or DDU Shipping,

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International Mail Service

International mailing services include international small parcel mailing service and international small
parcel registered mail service. International small parcel mailing services in mainland China generally

 refer to: Hong Kong small parcels, Hong Kong surface mail small parcels, Hong Kong post small parcels

, Hong Kong post small parcels, and bulk airmail services.

The advantages of Hong Kong packet:

1. Cheap, compared to other modes of transportation, Hongkong Post International Air parcel has an 

absolute price advantage.

2. Convenience, delivery is relatively convenient, it can reach all parts of the world, as long as there is

 a post office (except for a few countries and regions).

3. Efficient, the offshore time only takes 1-3 days, and the longest is not more than 3 days. Far better 

than the 3 to 7 days processing speed of China Post's international parcels. Electronic products, 

accessories, accessories, and handicrafts sold by general (international) sellers can all be shipped in

 this way.

4. Credible, as the largest free port in Asia, Hong Kong has a better reputation advantage than the 

mainland around the world. In addition, Hong Kong is a global super financial center with a sound 

legal system and a good reputation around the world. Setting the ItemLocation of the product to 

HongKong can give buyers a credible image and enhance customers' confidence in purchasing, 

which is undoubtedly helpful to improve the success rate of product sales, reduce transaction costs,

 and increase business volume. . Good credibility is one of the prerequisites for eBay foreign trade 


5. Safety, the international small package service provided by Hongkong Post is a world-recognized

 high-quality product. The normal transportation time to most countries only takes 5 to 9 working 

days, and the drop rate is low, which is fast and safe. With the help of Hongkong Post, you no longer 

have to worry about whether your buyers can receive the items in time, and you can save a lot of costs

 due to lost packages

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