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Shipping forwader in China ,LCL and FCL Shipping - Ocean Freight

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General requirements for air parcels:

Matic Express logistic is in Shenzhen China. It does not weigh more than two kilograms.The sum of the length, width and height of the volume is less than 90 cm, and the longest diameter
 is less than 60 cm;

Clear recipient address and postal code.

Hong Kong small package features: cheap, but there is no mail number, can not be inquired.

The registered service of international small parcel post in mainland China generally refers to:

HK registered small parcel, HK post registered small parcel, HK post registered small parcel,HK post
 international air registered small parcel, easy netmail, Imailr, bulk airmail registered.

Mailing Instructions:

1. The sender should fill in a CN22 customs declaration slip for each piece and paste it on the back 

of the package cover. The product name declaration column cannot only use general names such 

as GIFT and SAMPLE as the product name;

2. When filling out the customs declaration form, use English, French or the language familiar to 

the destination country, and fill in the name, value and net weight (accurate to grams) of each

 item in the small package in detail and concretely in the designated position;

3. The column related to the value should indicate the currency, and it is recommended to quote

 in USD;

4. Sign in the lower right corner and fill in the delivery date;

5. The licensed account, surface mail and registered licensed account are different and must be
clearly separated. If the wrong account is posted, it will be regarded as insufficient postage and 

the parcel will be returned;

6. The packaging should be intact and not easily damaged. In addition to the address label on the
 outside of the packaging bag, try not to carry other irrelevant marks. For fragile products, it is best

 to put the fragile product logo on the outer package, and put the address label in the middle of the
 front of the package.

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