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Express is multimodal is the product derived from the latter.

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Express is multimodal is the product derived from the latter. The main carrier is still the plane. Belongs to air transport.

Express is very similar to our current main line e-commerce dedicated line, which will be explained in the following documents. Express is the same as the current e-commerce dedicated line (derivative products of e-commerce dedicated air and sea and road transportation), it is impossible to inform the customer of the specific source of the first-way transportation, and can only use the time limit and the official trajectory of some operators to judge the goods. operation. Well-known express carriers are: DHL, Federal (FEDEX), UPS, TNT (has been acquired by Federal), ARAMEX (Middle East Line), Sagawa Line, etc.

These well-known operators have a development history by 60-70 years . They have developed to the present because they have more than 100,000 delivery outlets around the world, which can cover comprehensively and efficiently connect.

The core keyword of express delivery is distribution center.Hong Kong, Singapore is DHL's distribution centers in Asia. The distribution center in the Middle East is Dubai. The distribution center in Western Europe is Leipzig, Germany. This is the same as the distribution center of our US line is Los Angeles.

Earlier, express companies such as DHL also operated the same line as the current special line with other airlines. Other documents will be explained later.

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