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Let us to explain sea shipping for you

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The transport carrier is a ship.

The unit is a container.

Container type is divided into basic container type and special container type

Basic containers type: 20GP Capacity: 26-28 CBM

  40GP, Capacity56-58 CBM , 40HQ,Capacity 65-68 CBM

The weight is not mentioned here. The weight of the box is related to the trailer hook and has nothing to do with the load of the box.

20GP: Inner size: length 5.89m* width 2.35m* height 2.38m

40GP: Inner size: length 12m* width 2.35m* height 2.38m

40HQ: Inner size: length 12m* width 2.35m* height 2.69m

Special box types: freezer (fresh product transportation, such as fish, fresh fruit), open-top container (large machine), TANK box (liquid transportation, such as oil), 45HQ, etc. We basically don't use it, so we won't explain it in detail.

Ship capacity: Every ship is different, just list a few items.

General big ship: 180000-21000 cabinets, about 400 meters long

Small boat: 8000-10000

Barges: about 500

The wharf is divided into: deep water port and shallow water port. Large ships can only enter deep-water ports, such as Shenzhen Yantian and Shekou.

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