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It is an international shipment of DDP from Shenzhen to South Korea

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It is an international shipment of DDP from Shenzhen to South Korea

It is our boutique line from China to South Korea delivery, door-to-door delivery within 24 hours

Shenzhen airport takeoff: three passenger and cargo planes a day, one cargo plane, can express
customs declaration, six o 'clock every night, the next day can complete customs clearance and
delivery, the current time has exceeded all express companies,

Departures from Hong Kong airport: eight passenger and cargo planes and three cargo planes
every day, loading orders at 6:00 PM every night. Cross-Hong Kong buses arrive at the Hong Kong
airport to board

 and take off at midnight every night, and customs clearance and delivery can be completed the next
day. Main advantages: receiving battery products and other products limited in mainland China.

Express customs clearance service: the flight time between China and South Korea in the morning is
about 4 hours, and the customs clearance service will be finished within 3 hours after arriving at Incheon
 Airport at 6 am, and it will be delivered to all streets of Seoul at around 12 am on the 

same day.

Guaranty of cargo space: our company has signed long-term cooperation agreements with major
 airlines, which not only guarantees the cargo space, but also supervises the cargo stowage process
 by our company's special person. It is equipped with the pass of entering and leaving the customs
air cargo warehouse, which can prevent the phenomenon of man-made loss and damage of cargo.

Geographical advantage: our company is one of the earliest express companies to enter the Korean
logistics market, and the staff in Seoul and Incheon are mainly Korean, which has a more far-reaching
 impact on the cultural exchange of the Korean customs and the transportation between China and
South Korea.

Security: through the long-term cooperation with the Pacific Insurance Company, the cost is low,
so as to protect the interests of customers, for your cargo protection.

Remote extension: for South Gyeongsang, South Jeolla and South Jeju Island and other remote areas
 in South Korea, our service is also high quality and fast, domestic express can extend the goods to
all districts and towns in South Korea, and 4-hour truck delivery service throughout the country.

Statistics: According to statistics, the average time limit of the four major international express delivery
 to South Korea is 2.4 days, while the average time limit of our express delivery to South Korea is only
 24 hours. It can be seen that the time limit of our special line in South Korea is unparalleled.

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