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What is different between B/L and D/O ?

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Matic Express Company is an international shipping forwarder in Shenzhen China, We are focus on shipment

service for Amazon FBA, DDP/DDU shipping, FCL/LCL shipping by air freight, ocean shipping, express
 and China-EU railway express.

What is different between B/L and D/O ?

B/L document:

BILL OF LOADING bill of lading is the document of title to the goods.

D/O Sheet:

The DELIVERY ORDER bill of lading is a document required for picking up the goods at the destination
 port and cannot be transferred.

After the goods are on board, the shipping company issues the B/L to SHIPPER, and SHIPPER transfers
the B/L to CONSIGNEE. When the goods arrive at the port, CONSIGNEE goes to the shipping company
to exchange for D/O with B/L, and then goes to the port to pick up the goods with D/O.

Before the goods are picked up, one and only one remains in the owner's hands, but the D/O is no
longer a certificate of title. After the owner receives the D/O, it means that the shipping company
has released the goods to the owner.

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