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What are the Amazon box label requirements?

Time : 2022-10-12 Hits : 7

Matic  Express is located in Shenzhen China,we make shipping service of DDP/DDU amazon 

FBA, door to door delivery ,airport  to airort and ports to ports.

What are the Amazon box label requirements?

We all know that Amazon FBA is very strict about the packaging of packages, such as outer box
packaging, which needs to be labeled with the corresponding outer box label. Amazon's outer
box label requirements are as follows:

1. National standard:

Generally, Amazon will require sellers to paste two national labels on the upper right corner of the
 narrow side of each box of goods, the size of which is a square with a side length of 4cm;

2. Made in China label:

For export to the United States, South America and Europe, the Made in China label must be affixed,
 and the MADE IN CHINA& label must be affixed to the outer box and each product, otherwise it will
 be detained and returned by the local customs;

3. FBA label:

The FBA Label label is the outer box identification of the goods when the Amazon warehouse receives
 the goods. It is pasted on the packaging of the product, because this is an identity certificate for the
product, so it is all based on this.

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