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It is talking about the packing requirement of amazon FBA cargo

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It is talking about the packing requirement of amazon FBA cargo

Amazon FBA has requirements of size and weight on cargo packaging. Amazon Sellers can refer to the
following matters when sending FBA to avoid the goods being rejected for size, weight, packing.

 Packing requirement of amazon FBA cargo

1、It is needs to choose the standard carton to pack the goods.

2, You do not choose broken transport boxes (partial or overall damage boxes) or contaminated
cartons to pack goods.

3、It does not use biodegradable packaging (titanium dioxide packaging) to pack goods.

4, It does not use soft or easily broken cardboard boxes.The packaging must be strong enough to
withstand any external pressure in delivery process.

5, The padding to inside the carton should not be filled with loose materials (such as: Styrofoam or
shredded paper), the padding is allowed to be accepted by Amazon FBA.

6、You must guaranteed the box flaps is intact if using the second use of cardboard boxes.

7, It does not use large staples or nylon fiber tape to fix or seal the carton.

8、You do not use packing tape, elastic band or other straps to tie the carton when you adopt multiple
cargo boxes to deliver products.

9, it is not allowed to do the operation of adding filler, protective board, cardboard at the periphery of
 the carton.

10、Unless the carton size of a single piece of goods exceeds the standard, the size of any side of the
 carton shall not exceed 63.5cm.

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