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Matic Express is an international freight forwarder in Shenzhen China.

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Matic Express is an international freight forwarder in Shenzhen China.We provides you shipping service for Amazon FBA,DDP.DDU,FCL,LCL, door to door delivery.We send you cargo to Amazon Warehouse,oversea warehouse and designated address.

We has its own overseas warehouses ,fixed air and sea flights. We uses its own network
 and logistics advantages to help sellers who use Amazon's global store program FBA service to transport
goods from China to Amazon warehouses in Europe countries, United States, United Kingdom, Australia,France,
Italy, Poland,Japan,Pakistan,United Arab Emirates, Malaysia,etc.

Amazon FBA first-way delivery can provide services:

1. Standard service

China transit delivery to Amazon warehouses in the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan or
to transit centers for transportation

2. Return Service

We can provide our company in the United States, Canada, and Europe to assist in processing returns
from Amazon's warehouse. Help customers re-operate shipments to re-send warehousing or other processing.

According to the relevant operational requirements arising from the actual situation, additional fees will be

Service Advantage

· Safe and secure delivery of goods from China to Amazon's warehouses.

· Can assist in handling customs clearance and tax issues, reducing customs clearance issues and resulting

· Provide unique value-added operation services, and carry out operations such as boxing and bar code
sticking according to Amazon's warehousing requirements.

· The transit center can assist sellers to deal with abnormal goods that are rejected by Amazon warehouse
and returned, and avoid high logistics costs for direct return to China.

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