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Matic Express Company offers international shipping service in Shenzhen.We are focuse on Amazon FBA

Shipping, DDP,DDU, CIF ,FOB, Door to Door delivery. We have logistic experience by 15 years. mainly shipping

includes Air freight, sea shipping, Express ,Railway Express, delivery of DHL,UPS,DPD,FedEx or trucking.

How does Amazon FBA and FBM's Transparency Program work?

When you ship your products by Amazon FBA, transparency codes are applied to your packages within
Amazon's operations centers and then sent to your customers.

If Amazon Logistics ships a registered ASIN product that lacks the proper transparency code, Amazon
will suspect a counterfeit product and block the shipment. As a result, the counterfeiter's account may
be suspended for trademark infringement.

If you are an FBM seller, Amazon generates a transparency code for you, which is then printed and
applied to each product you ship to Amazon FC.

When an order arrives, online sellers should enter the Transparency barcode numbers into Seller
Central. Online sellers cannot ship without a valid Transparency code, and this is how brand owners
are protected.

It should be noted that Amazon sellers should first register their Amazon brand in order to register
for the Amazon Transparency Program

In addition a legitimate UPC or EAN barcode is a standard requirement to qualify for the Transparency
Program. If a seller meets the criteria, Amazon will be able to confirm on the GS1 registration form.

Since it is not known when Amazon will raise prices or when registration will be restricted, it is generally
 recommended to start with the most expensive or easily counterfeited items to avoid substantial losses
due to counterfeit goods.

Therefore, transparency services can help sellers eliminate counterfeiters, prevent bad reviews and
 restore brand reputation, further enhancing the growth rate of sellers' business from the side.

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