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What are the US Amazon FBA size and weight requirements?

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What are the US Amazon FBA size and weight requirements?

We see many sellers due to packaging (labeling) and other issues and rejected by the FBA warehouse. You still need to know some notes about Amazon FBA packaging and size in order to avoid the possibility of rejection of their products.It is cargo requirement about Amazon FBA size and weight.

1: Amazon FBA regulations in America

The weight of a single outer box cannot exceed 22.7kg (50lbs). This is a rigid standard set by the U.S. FBA based on the efficiency of cargo operations. If a single outer box exceeds 22.7kg (50lbs), a "Team lift" label must be affixed around and above the box, and if it exceeds 45.4kg (100lbs), a "Mech lift" label must be affixed around and above the box. Valuable items such as jewelry and watches cannot exceed 40 lbs. in the outer box.

The size of the outer box is specified that any side cannot exceed 63.5cm (25 inches). For a single product minimum outer box kind of product does not have a clear size now, you can follow the UPS maximum box size. (UPS official website: length + circumference of not more than 419cm (165 inches), length less than 270cm (108 inches))

Pallet limits: 1.2x1x1.8M, not to exceed 1500 lbs.However, the requirements of each region are different, Japan FBA is not more than 15kg, more than 15kg outer box around and on top of the overweight label should be affixed.

2: Japan does not need large pallets

1: European stations require no more than 22.7kg. 15-22.7kg boxes at least two sides labeled teamwork or overweight boxes, jewelry, jewelry and other outer boxes can not exceed 15kg

Pallet limit, 1.2x1x1.8, UK is 1000kg, others are 500kg the case of ensuring that the product is not easily damaged, as far as possible to reduce the space inside the carton. According to this standard reasonable choice of the correct carton packaging.

3.If the cartons are also sold together, such as sets of products and the total amount of more than 30kg must be played on a pallet.

4. FBA requires the outer box to paste the national mark; in order to distinguish the goods. The international style and color are in accordance with the requirements of the document "Country mark sticker 9.18 (CS4) turn curve (1)". The size of the UK FBA headway country label is a square with a side length of 4cm. The country label is pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box of goods, two.

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