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Why Customers Choose DDP air freight?

Time : 2022-08-31 Hits : 16

As said that DDP air freight suppliers have two payment methods: this first is 100% T/T to shipping forwarder, and the other is opening a account. It means that you ship goods to the warehouse of foreign customers.All expenses are paid by you, all procedures had been processed by you, and all risks are borne by you. DDP air freight suppliers China said that if it is the first time to do DDP with this customer, it is recommended to ask the customer to pay 100% in advance.

It said that the countries with more DDP air freight are from America,Frace, Spain, Germany,Italy,UK, Australia,Germany,Pakistan,UAE,Russia and Eruope countries.For example.French customers prefer to use air freight, and the situation in Russia is special because many goods were cleared through gray customs in the past.

It said that the main reasons for customers to choose DDP air freight are as follows:

The customer does not know much about shipping, customs and other links, so they rely on the exporter to help deal with these links.

 Some French customers are reluctant to deal with these trivial matters and simply leave it to the exporter.China suppliers for DDP air shipping said that there are still some customers who choose DDP air freight to reduce the risk of imports, especially for some goods that are prone to import restrictions, tariffs or trade barriers, and transfer this risk to exporters through DDP air freight.

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