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What is difference between Amazon FBA oversea warehouse and oversea warehouse ?

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What is difference between Amazon FBA oversea warehouse and oversea warehouse ?

1: Selection comparison 

FBA overseas warehouse: There are certain restrictions on the size, weight and category of the selected products. The selected products tend to be small in size, high in profit and good in quality.

Third-party overseas warehouses have a wider selection range than FBA warehouses, and are also suitable for products with large volumes and heavy weights.

2. Before the product is put into the warehouse, the seller needs to process the outer box label and product label before delivery. If the outer box or product label is broken, the seller will be required to sort it out before entering the FBA overseas warehouse. And Amazon does not provide product assembly services.

Third-party overseas warehouses: The warehousing requirements are not as strict as those in Amazon's FBA warehouses, and if there are problems, you can communicate with them in a timely manner.

3: Comparison of customer returns:

FBA overseas warehouse: For the returned products, if it is not a quality problem, the third-party overseas warehouse can replace the label or repackage for the seller, so that the product can be sold again, so as to reduce the seller's loss.

4: Commodity storage risk comparison

FBA overseas warehouse, because the FBA overseas warehouse is associated with the Amazon account, if there is a problem with the products you sell on Amazon and the account is closed by Amazon, the goods placed in the Amazon FBA warehouse will also be temporarily seized.

This situation does not exist in third-party overseas warehouses.

5: Comparison of the service responses of the two overseas warehouses

FBA overseas warehouse: The seller sends an email to FBA customer service, if it is fast, it will reply the next day, but it will take 1 week.

Third-party overseas warehouses: At present, many third-party overseas warehouses provide exclusive consultants and have a 24-hour customer service center.

6: Comparison of headway services

FBA overseas warehouses will not provide first-way customs clearance services for sellers.

Third-party overseas warehouses: Some service providers will provide first-way customs clearance services for sellers, and even provide one-stop services including tax payment and delivery to warehouses.

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