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Amazon FBA, DDP/DDU freight, Door to Door delivery

Time : 2022-10-21 Hits : 9

Amazon FBA, DDP/DDU freight, Door to Door delivery

Matic Express offer customers shipping service by 15 years. We main make amazon FBA shipping,

door to door shipping, DDP/DDU.

To USA, Canada, Mexico Air Freight Dealer

1. Sign agency agreements with major international logistics giants to try to get the lowest agency

discounts for customers;

2. Attentive service, attention to detail, to ensure that each customer's goods can reach the designated

 destination safely and accurately;

3. Establish file information for customers, implement flexible settlement methods for old customers

to refund more and make up less, and show account balance or details of arrears after delivery.

Focus on long-term development and establish long-term stable cooperative relations;

4. Collect goods from different regions for customers, free warehousing and unified transportation;

5. One-stop logistics experience, which can provide customers with a series of value-added services

such as document services, customs declaration and commodity inspection services, customs clearance

 services, freight forwarding, and export tax rebates;

6. The characteristic sea-air multimodal transport provides customers with convenient sea-air transport,

 or air-sea transport services, with more favorable prices;

7. Book space in advance to ensure sufficient storage space and track goods online.

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